Image by Jonathan Pielmayer

Jam Yesterday, Jam Today

A GOOD jam must keep well, and should be clear and bright in colour, with a pleasant, fruity flavour, well set but not too stiff.

Jam making was not just the preserve of the Women's Institute in the 1940s.  The Romans preserved fruit in honey and sugar and industrial workers in the 1800s  were sustained by calorific sugary preserves. (Rebecca Earle, The University of Warwick, 2019).

During the 1940s the WI played a significant part in rural and urban communities assisting evacuees and promoting the production of fruit and vegetables.  The creation of the Fruit Preservation Centres enabled preserves to be created on a larger scale when local supplies may have been low and of course the provision of sugar was reduced due to rationing.  Have a look at Buckinghamshire WI for further information at Jam Making (1940s) - Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes (